Vegan skincare fits perfectly into the spirit of our time, as it satisfies many of the needs of critical consumers

Did you know, that many people think vegan skincare means all-natural and organic cosmetics? But this is far from the case. Because not all BIO cosmetics are vegan, just like not all other cosmetics must necessarily contain animal products.

And by these products, I mean not only milk, caviar, or royal jelly.

For example, what is keratin made out of, which is part of many shampoos and hair masks?

Ground hooves and horns from cows.

Strawberry flavor is from the claws of chickens.

Many soaps contain beef fat...

Are you surprised? Me too!

And if you think that these substances are simply necessary to make your face cream especially effective, then you are wrong. Almost all medicines come from herbal ingredients, and many cosmetic companies do not use animal products, but successfully replace them with herbal ingredients such as vegetable and fruit extracts, algae, and vegetable oils.

Of course, this is where synthetic additives are often used. This explains why you are unlikely to find a BIO nail polish but can find a vegan one.

But even here it is necessary to keep an eye out because synthetic substances are often tested on animals.

In summary, if you want to use vegan cosmetics that are not tested on animals, you are welcome to take a look at MyRainBerry’s Skincare and Haircare products. Our skincare is natural, 100% vegan, handcrafted by a vegan, in our vegan lab, without cross contaminants. We use actives like plant-based ceramides, vegan keratin, vegan peptides, vegan hyaluronic acid, and bakuchiol (a retinol alternative). All of these ingredients gently help to renew the appearance of your skin, while hydrating and significantly improving the look of fine lines for a soft, smooth completion.