Our Story

 My name is Marina and I am from Uzbekistan, a country that is famous for producing organic food and eco-friendly clothing. My journey to the world of beauty started in my early years when my grandmother opened my love for natural Uzbek herbs, plants and flowers from the Chimgan mountains.

My passion for beauty became my profession. I became a licensed cosmetologist in my early 20's. When I moved to the United States from Uzbekistan, I was happy to be able to continue my education in the beauty industry while at the same time growing my family.

I fully dedicated myself to my family and my lifetime passion – cosmetology and beauty treatments. I was living a happy life until one day changed everything. My fourteen-month little girl, my life, my sunshine, started getting sick, and after two days in the hospital, she passed away. It turned our world upside-down. My grief was so deep that I could think about nothing except my loss. In the process of grieving and healing I met mothers like me, and as time passed my desire to help them continue to grow. 

One day, my husband took me to a skincare store and suggested that I make something like this but natural and organic. I couldn't believe that one single person would be able to do it. The same day I joined “Formula Botanica” and continued my natural, organic journey into handcrafting skincare. I learned to be happy with my new life. After I finished the formulation school and reached a point where I could turn my knowledge into practice, I decided to start creating vegan natural skincare products to help mothers with tired and dull skin enhance their beauty.

We all know how memorable our time is when we are taking care of the biggest loves of our lives, but at the same time, maternity, worry, and sleep deprivation can take a heavy toll on our skin. Our goal is to help mothers all over the world get healthier and younger-looking skin while enjoying the gifts of nature in vegan MyRainBerry skincare products.

With Love, Marina